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Reversing the Clock on Damage

Carpet cleaning services It’s no secret that our homes are vulnerable to forces beyond our control. If we leave a candle too close to a set of drapes, the resulting fire will leave burns on the wall, scorched upholstery and smoke damage that can’t be remedied by a good scrub-down. It can also be visually depressing.

Water damage is also something that is often overlooked. Whether it is excessive flood damage or the remnants of a pipe bursting while you were away on vacation, water damage can be extreme. Not only does it ruin the integrity and look of your walls and flooring with dry rot, it can invite mold and other unwanted growth inside of your home, which can often pose a health risk.

Repairing the damage from a fire or flood is not a task for an intrepid do-it-yourselfer, or a local handyman that clams he can do it and is just interested in having you foot the bill for his overpriced and lack luster service.

If you need a solution, we’re here to help. Mountain States Restoration has the skills needed to bring your home back on its feet after being damaged. Call us today for more information.

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